Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Chamber of Commerce: Closure = Lost Revenue

On March 2, 2011, the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce testified against the closure of the Kansas Neurological Institute, a state operated ICF/MR, noting the human and fiscal impact of closure.

Fiscal Impact

"There are also the economic consequences to closing KNI. The Topeka Chamber commissioned an economic impact analysis of KNI's fiscal year 2010 spending, by Impact Data Source, Austin, TX. . . .KNI will have a significant impact on the Topeka area economy during FY 2010. KNI's revenues and expenditures and its employees and their salaries provide direct economy activity. In addition, this activity will ripple through the area's economy supporting indrect benefits including sales in local businesses and organizations, as well as indirect jobs and salaries. The estimated direct economic impact of KNI in FY 2010 was $28 million. The direct revenues of KNI, its spending and the spending of its workers will generate another $37 million in sales or economic output in area businesses and other organizations. In total, the economic impact of KNI in FY 2010 will be $66 million."

Human Impact

"KNI is a shining example of such important work on behalf of their client's families and all Kansans. The citizens that live at KNI are very fragile; ninety percent of their population is profoundly disabled, many with multiple disabilities. Thirty-five percent of the 156 residents cannot eat through their mouths. . . . These fragile Kansans need care around the clock; they need specialized medical & dental care, they need appropriate transportation, special equipment, maintenance, appropriate food and special means to provide nourishment. It is unlikely the community-based facilities already have this level of care available in their locations across the state. We believe providing appropriate care woudl again require cost shifts from KNI spending to community-based spending for specialized transportation, equipment, maintenance and other needs. . ."

The Chamber's Testimony and Economic Impact Report are here.