Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

VOR Action Alert on the Build Back Better Act

Please send  a letter to your Members of Congress asking for support for all people with I/DD in the Build Back Better Act.  The current bill discriminates against Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), the Direct Support Professionals who work in ICFs, and the individuals who benefit from the opportunity to work  in protected, non-competitive environments using 14(c) wage certificates.

We are offering two choices - you may fill out a form letter or pesonalize your own letter. Please click here to send your Action Alert!

VOR's Letter to Members of Congress on Build Back Better Act

VOR is encouraging our members to send a letter to their Members of Congress highlighting our concerns with the Build Back Better Act, reflecting our hopes that the bill can be altered to protect the needs of the most severely intellectually and developmentally disabled and to preserve a family's right to choose the best options for their loved ones with I/DD.

We are asking our members to forward a revised version of this letter to their own Senators and Representatives.

Click here to download a copy of VOR's letter

Healthcare Provisions in the House Version of the Build Back Better Act

The House passed its version of the Build Back Better Act with a narrow 220-213 vote that ran mostly along party lines. The bill now goes to the Senate, where it is expected to undergo substantial changes over the next few months, before returning to the House, if and when the Senate can reach agreement and pass it by a simple majority under reconciliation.

An explanation of the Congressional Budget Office's assessment of costs may be found here. An Excel outline detailing the costs of different components of the bill may be downloaded here.

Our friends at Health Policy Source have provided a handy recap of the health policy provisions. The document may be downloaded here. (Note: We have highlighted some of the items of interest to VOR members.)

Seeking Parity for ICFs in the Build Back Better Reconciliation Bill

VOR and its peer organizations have been reaching out to Members of Congress to support parity for ICFs in the Build Back Better Reconciliation Bill that is being drafted and likely to be introduced shortly after Labor Day, 2021. We ask your help in reaching out to ensure that all people with I/DD receive comparable increases in funding, and that and all of the Direct Support Professionals who work with people with I/DD receive increases in pay and career-path training.

Severe Autism - Video and Panel Discussion

We are proud to feature a video on Severe Autism, created by Dr. Gloria Satriale, Executive Director of Preparing Adolescents and Adults for Life, Secretary of the National Council on Severe Autism, and a member of VOR. Following the premiers of the video, there was a panel discussion featuring advocates from the National Council on Severe Autism, VOR, and Together for Choice.