Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

VOR 2021 Virtual Legislative Initiative

CapitolDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, VOR's Legislative Initiative was held virtually this year. There were no in-person meetings with Members of Congress or their staff on the Hill as in other years. Instead, our members arranged meetings via Zoom or held conference calls with legislative aides.

We focused on Choice and the need to support all residential and employment options, concerns about the DSP crisis, and the need to protect vocational centers and 14(c) wage certificates for people with moderate-severe I/DD and autism. Conference materials are attached below.

VOR Comments on Proposed HCBS Access Act of 2021

VOR has submitted a response to the draft version of the HCBS Access Act of 2021 as proposed by Rep. Debbie Dingell, Sen. Bob Casey, Sen. Maggie Hassan, and Sen. Sherrod Brown.

We believe that provisions in this bill could lead to the elimination of the ICF system by providing fedeal funds to states to fully cover HCBS Waiver services, de-incentivizing states to pay for the services provided by ICFs.

Click here to read VOR's letter

VOR Letter in Support of Vocational Centers and the 14(c) Wage Certificate Program

VOR opposes the elimination or phasing out of facility-based Vocational Work Centers (formerly referred to as sheltered workshops) and proposals to discontinue the issuing of specialized wage certificates as provided under Section 14(c) of the Federal Labor Standards Act. VOR has submitted a letter to key members of Congress stating the importance of maintaining these programs.
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VOR - Please Amend the American Rescue Act to Include ALL People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Congress is currently working on the American Rescue Act, a $1.9 Billion package that includes, among other item, a provision to grant additional funding to Home and Community Based Services for people with I/DD.

VOR is asking that this funding be given to all people with I/DD, regardless of their setting or the funding stream that pays for their services. We urge Congress to reject choosing winners and losers among people with intellectual disabilities and, instead, to provide relief equitably to all of them.

Read or download VOR's letter here