Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

VOR Supports the Coalition for the Preservation of 14(c)

VOR has recently joined forces with the Coalition to Protect 14c, a group of advocates dedicated to preserving employment opportunities for people with I/DD for whom competitive integrated employment may not be an option.
The Coalition has recently released a white paper outlining their position, and VOR members have been actively engaged in meeting with congressional staffers in support of the preservation of these employment opportunities for people with I/DD and Autism.

Status of Provisions in the Build Back Better Act

The US Senate has been unable to pass the Build Back Better Act as written. However, several provisions of the bill are likely to be brought before congress in existing bills, as new bills, as part of appropriations bills or continuing resolutions, or bundled together with other bills and passed as new legislation. We are tracking those efforts and will keep our members informed as they appear.