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 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

VOR's Weekly Newsletter

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July 12, 2024 - Tennessee DCS places kids in limbo pending evaluations; Kids with ID/A struggle to get what they need in school; TX needs to support DSPs.

July 5, 2024 - SCOTUS decision opens door to criminalization of intellectual disabilties; SCOTUS decision undermines HIPAA privacy laws; PA; IN; NJ; ME; Nebraska - Japan's largest provider buys NE's disability centers for $50 million.

June 28, 2024  - "I'm Very Angry" - Families on Glenwood closing; Op-Ed: The criminal justice system is failing people with Intellectual disabilities; Texas wait for beds results in jail for people w intellectual disabilities; US Judge finds California in contempt over prison mental health staffing; Medicaid errors; Ohio may end 14(c); Canada Editorial - "Total inclusion isn't best for everybody"; Kansas University data on ID/A services in every state.

June 22, 2024  (June 21, part 2) - The Real 25th Anniversary of Olmstead, VOR offers a different assessment from that of ACL & DOJ; Senate investigates 4 major private long-term care providers for putting people with ID/A at risk; FDA ban on shock devices facing new hurdle; 3 states warn of problems in sending kids to unregulated facility in New York; Iowa - concerns about the future for displaced residents from Glenwood; TX low wages and DSP shortage; NJ shortage of housing options for ID/A population; Montana - FBI investigating autism centers; California; Indiana; Nebraska; North Carolina

June 21, 2024  - Notes on ACL/DOJ/OCR/ODEP Celebrating Olmstead 25th Anniversary; VOR meeing w DOJ on Iowa, Utah, and the "tragic consequences of good intentions"; Iowa closing Glenwood Resource Center; Missouri DOJ action against institutionalization of individuals w I/DD in nursing homes; Utah DOJ action against 14(c) programs; Luxembourg's successes in employing people with I/DD and autism in an array of meaningful programs.

June 14, 2024 - Autism diagnoses and treatment guidelines updated; Increases in Autism & I/DD diagnoses lead to gaps in health care; Alabama's care system is crumbling; Tennessee asks people in group homes to make way for kids needing foster care; MA; AR; NY; MT

June 7, 2024 - Scientists spot gene causing some forms of I/DD; Autism severity linked to brain growth patterns; Iowa, Glenwood Resource Center to close June 30th, ready or not; MA - Red Tape keeping woman from ICF placement; States hit snag with 1115 Waivers; ID/DD providers face workface shortage due to lack of pay increases; Illionos may vote to close 14(c) programs. MA, NY, AR, PA

May 31, 2024 - Section 504 of the DD Act Final Rule; OpEd - "My son is profoundly autistic. Don't say he's merely Neurodiverse"; People with autism 3X more likely to develop Parkinson's; OK; IL; CA; WV;

May 24, 2024 - Tennessee families worry state is trying to evict adults with I/DD from state-operated homes; TX; IL; IN; CA

May 17, 2024 - Feds accuse Rhode Island of warehousing people with I/DD in psychiatric wards (with editorial from VOR); Private Equity investment in DD services draws scrutiny; Supreme CT on recording IEP meetings; CT parents call Special Ed meetings "A Battlefield"; Autism School that costs over $500K per year, with no oversight accused of abuse; Indiana - $1Billlion lawsuit to help parents cut off from payment for services to their loved ones; FL; TX; NC; IL

May 10, 2024 - Recap of VOR's 2024 D.C. Intiaitative; New HHS/CMS Rules: HCBS Access Rule, Managed Care Access Rule, Nursing Home Staffing Rule, Adult Protective Services Rule, Preventing sexual abuse and violence against people with I/DD;   A victory for Choice in TN; Medicaid unwinding takes toll on people with disabilities; Nebraska - Paying Caregivers can boost state's economy.

May 3, 2024 - Equality for all people with Autism; More Opposition to Nursing Home Staffing Rule; CA may halt wage increase for DSPs; CA Kids with medically complex conditions wait years for specialty care; North Carolina - Samantha R. case; Two opinions we don't like.

April 26, 2024 - CMS New FInal Rule for HCBS; Opposition to Nursing Home Staffing Rule - An Unfunded Mandate"; DSP Crisis in AZ; IL support for 14(c) programs; NE Gov claims he will end wait for DD services.

April 19, 2024 - The Long-term Care Workforce Support Act introduced; Medicaid renewals made easier; Nearly 1 in 4 people dropped from Medicaid remain uninsured; Colorado autism behavior clinics closing; West Virginia - families rally capitol for I/DD waiver fix, WV - state withheld funds meant for I/DD services

April 12, 2024 - Misunderstanding Autism - It's not just a different state of being; Biden plan to increase I/DD services; SC woman unable to place dual-diagnosed sister (autism w schizophrenia); Illinois; NY Dental Care update

April 5, 2024 - Disability programs receive no increased funding in Fed Budget; Autism "Acceptance" (unacceptable); MO Sheltered Workshops day at the Capitol; Insufficient funding for DSPs and services in NY, CT,  WV, NE, NC.

March 29, 2024 - I/DD & cancer mortality; Amy Lutz - When Everything is Eugenics, Nothing Is"; Is Medicaid too big to Block Grant?; CA fast food starting wage exceeds DSP average wage by $3 per hour; WA - poor outcomes for I/DD students after high school; TX - Making Life or Death Decisions at $10 per hour; NY; MO; KS; CA.

March 22, 2024 -MacPac takes on MCO's; CMS Fees could slow disability research; RSC budget plan includes draconian Medicaid cuts; Ann Grady Services; NC's Innovation Waiver helps many, leaves more behind; TX Little oversight of unlicensed I/DD group homes; NY; ID; MA; CA; IA.

March 15, 2024 - CMS Guidance on Medicaid Redeterminations; Special Education; NE; IA; NY.

March 8, 2024 - Ancor Report on growth of waiting list;Private Equity's influence on HCBS & nursing homes; Hirschauer on the threats posed by reinterpretation of Section 504; IL; KY; NC; PA; NV; KS; Home Health Aides

March 1, 2024 - IL Lt. Gov visits Murray Center; Rare Diseases and I/DD; Waiting Lists; I/DD, autism, and the incarcerated; Disability caregiver workforce; KY; NJ; IA.

February 23, 2024 - MA are DSPs receiving funds allocated to them? NC hospital sues quadraplegic woman to go to nursing home; Iowa's strained DD System; Parkinson to step down at AHCA/NCAL.

February 16, 2024 - Oklahoma ICF residents protest at state capitol; QALY Bill in Congress; ID/A youth in foster care system; ABA therapy examined; NY DSPs demand permanent pay increases; VA; CA; NC; NJ

February 9, 2024 - House passes QALY Ban Bill; Bill introduced in House to increase FMAP for ICFs and HCBS; Private Equity's footprint in home health care; Census Bureau scraps changes to counting people with disabilities; OK sends high acuity children out of state for care; WA bills to pay parents as caregivers; Indiana families protest cuts to family caregiver funding; Kansas considers tax credits as a replacement for sheltered workshops; Kansas - waiting lists tied to Medicaid Expansion.

February 2, 2024 - A father's portrayal of life after the birth of a child with severe disabilities; Medicaid Managed Care needs more transparency; ACL Announces 2024–2028 Long-Range Plan; KS decades of waiting lists; NY needs pay parity; Iowa underserved in Special Ed programs.

January 26, 2024 - West Virginia to open new state-operated ICF to move people out of psych hospitals when group homes refuse to care for them; Indiana to cut program that pays family caregivers; Family caregiver crisis worsening across U.S.; Cutting the middle men out of Medicaid services.

January 19, 2024 - Schools ignore Fed Rules on restraint and isolation; Feds move to enforce accessibility standards for medical diagnostic equipment; Video from Clelian Center Workshop; MN; IL; PA; VA; FL

January 12, 2024 - Disparities in services to people with I/DD and autism; Census Bureau considering new policies that could undercount people with disabilties; IRS raises ABLE Account Limits; MA Spending cuts to I/DD services and group home providers; OK; CT; NY

January 5, 2024 - COVID is back; NJ Expands Emergency Services for Adults with I/DD; Coalitino Sues GA for "Abuse and Neglect"; Ohio Increases DSP Wages; MA Devastating Findings about Group Home System.

December 29, 2023 - Lawmakers with Children with Disabilities find Common Ground in Divided Congress; MA unprepared to help children with I/DD aging into adulthood; Enrolling in Institutions if Group Homes Can't Pay Staff; 60% of I/DD providers considering shutting down;

December 22, 2023 - the importance of ICFs; What's Behind the Shortage of DSPs?; CBO Score: Eliminating 14(c) will cost jobs; Changes in Medicaid and CHIP Enrollment; TN; IN; MT; KS.

December 15, 2023 - HCBS gets $3.7 Billion increase; HCBS waiting lists continue to swell; Advocates seek to remove the word "Special"; Virginia Psych Hospitals: exceeding capacity and understaffed; WV People with I/DD sent to Psych Hospitals; Future doctors not learning about DD; Housing crisis in CO for adults with DD; CT approved family caregiver compensation.

December 8, 2023 - Shortage of Physical Therapists; Census changes may undercount people with disabilities by half; Nebraska, Florida, New Jersey,

December 1, 2023 - Employment Horizons; "Do Disability-Specific Settings Violate the ADA?"; HCBS Waiting Lists 2016 - 2023; FL leaves $800 Million for DD services on the table.

November 24, 2023 - Rift Over "Profound Autism"; "The Good Life: Access Denied"; "Improving Healthcare Access for Autism & I/DD";

November 17, 2023 - Disability Providers Warn Overtime Pay Rule Could Jeopardize Services; Respite Care; CA Waitlists; PA DSP shortages; MT lack of Behavioral Health Services; Safety (and the lack thereof); 

November 10, 2023 - VOR Comments on Section 504 Anti-discrimination enforcements of the Rehabilitation Act; Amy Lutz on marginalization of people with severe autism; Utah housing shortage; Texas deaths in group homes; CT Abuse & Neglect 

November 3, 2023 - DOJ Declares Sheltered Workshops and Day Programs violate Olmstead, as participants are not integrated with enough non-disabled people; Iowa - What to do with Glenwood Development Center's Cemetary after it closes; Autism Prevalence Doubled in a Decade; DSP shortages = more closures.

October 27, 2023 - Sen. Bob Casey introduces another funding bill only for people receiving HCBS services, ignoring the needs of the most severely disabled; DOL's 14(c) engagement sessions; SC Dept of Disabilties continues to fail those it should serve; Treating people with I/DD and cancer; IL; NC; AK.

October 20, 2023 - Federal Agency (IACC) pressured to focus on Severe Autism; MA - More Oversight Needed (Boston Globe series); MO Lt. Gov. visits a sheltered workshop; Kansas' wait lists stagnate; IL Reps. Haas && Meier support and reform developmental centers.

October 13, 2023 - VOR's Fall Legislative Iniitiative; Impossible choices for parents of children with severe autism; (Boston Globe series)' Toddlers wth DD not getting help; Opinion: It's time to re-think the DD Act; Fragile X syndrome

October 9th (October 6th, Part 2) - MA Follow up stories on Abuse and Neglect (Boston Globe series); NJ unable to meet the needs of people in group homes, forcing them into nursing homes; Justice Department sues Colorado for allegedly segregating people with disabilities;DOJ files Statements of Interest in MA Olmstead Case; MO; AK; NY; AZ; MN

October 6, 2023 - Amy Lutz' "Chasing the Intact Mind"; PBS Docutmentary on Sheltered Workshops (featuring Dawn & Laura Kovacovich); VICTORY on 14(c) and P&A Accountability in North Carolina; DOL scrutinizing 14(c) programs; 

September 29, 2023 - MA Abuse and Neglect in State licensed residential schools for children with severe autism (First part of Boston Globe series); Group homes closing due to staffing shortages in MA, PA, WI, MN; 50th Anniversary of the Rehab Act of 1973; NIH designates disability as a health disparity;

September 22, 2023 - MN A Subminimum Wage or No Wage At All?; Cutting/Increasing pay to family caregivers?; Medicaid Denials; Training more doctors on developmental disabilties.

September 15, 2023 - Direct Support Porfessionals; Minimum Wage Bill that doesn't close 14(c) programs; CA approves $25 ph min. wage for health care workers; CO; VA; GA;

September 8, 2023 - Nat'l Direct Support Professionals Week; HHS seeks to enforce ADA; Medicaid Disenrollment; Staffing Minimums in SNFs; Racial/Ethnic bias in CA DD services; MA court protects ESD at Rotenberg Center; Supported Decision Making in MA.

September 1, 2023 - Medicaid Renewal Process; Proposal to update SSI calculations; Lack of Behavioral Services in CO; MO at-home care funding decreased; GA; NM; IN; OH - possible wage increase for DSPs

August 25, 2023 - Legislation on Paid Caregiving, ABLE Accounts; Texas - All Options for Care; Stopping sexual abuse in NY; Navigating Medicaid Disenrollment; CO; NJ; MA; IN

August 18, 2023 - Useful info on Medicaid Long-term services; Shortage of Special Ed  teachers; ABA Cuts in Indiana; PA; NY; NC;

August 11, 2023 - Nearly 99% of Autistic Adults Not Receiving Public Employment; How to Protect Your Loved Ones if Disenrolled from Medicaid; The True Costs of E V V Surveillance; Ohio To Boost Wages for DSPs

August 4, 2023 - Medicaid Disenrollment; Home Health Act; SUNY Program offers Certification for DSPs; Texas Fails Vulnerable Teens at Age 18; CT Holes in Safety Net; Opinion: Properly Caring for the Overlooked

July 28, 2023 - DOJ Action Against Congregate Care for People with SMI in SC; Medically Fragile Kids in FL; The Great Unraveling: Nearly 4 Million Cut from Medicaid over Paperwork; Ongoing Lack of Resources; Nursing Home Staffing Update; Telehealth

July 21, 2023 - Jill Escher: Lies, Conspiracies about the Autism Surge; Florida Judge orders state to stop funneling medically fragile children into nursing homes; Insurers denying care to Medicaid recipients, esp. the poor; Nearly 3 million people cut from Medicaid, including 500,000 from Texas; WY; NC; NY

July 14, 2023 - The DSP Crisis; Biden Long-Term Care Agenda facing headwinds; AHCA to White House: Nursing Home Staffing Mandate spells "Disaster"; Changes in Military ID/A programs; Opinion: Biden's Medicaid Cuts would hurt millions; Medicaid Recipients must take action to keep coverage; GA Cuts 95,000 from Medicaid, How to reapply for coverage; CDC: Nearly 1 in 10 U.S. Children has a Developmental Disabilitiy; Opinion: Managed Care won't save money for Idaho.

July 7, 2023 - 10 Things to know about Medicaid; Utah DSP crisis; SC violates rights in group homes; Hawaii class action against State Ed, Health Depts.

June 30, 2023 - VOR's Carole Sherman Submits Response to Senate Aging Committee's "Celebrating Olmstead" Presentation; Amy Lutz interviews Judy Singer; Biden Admin to crack down on Disability Rights violations; "The Cliff"; DE phasing out 14(c) programs by Jan, 2024; PA Closures and Collapse due to shortage of DSPs.

June 23, 2023 - Senate Aging Commiittee presents "Celebrating Olmstead" with Sen. Bob Casey, members of NDRN, ACL, and self advocates; Workforce Crisis - over 465 nursing homes closed due to lack of DSP staff; 1st person diagnosed with autism passes at 89; Moms face backlash for saying autism is "not a blessing".

June 16, 2023 - CMS Guidance for aging caregivers of people with ID/A; Casey & Braun urge re-examination of guardianship laws; Tom Perez is back; CT DSP strike ends; IL stricter penalties for health care workers who cover up abuse; MA; VA;

June 9, 2023 - Supreme Court Upholds Right to Sue Public Nursing Homes in Case with Wide Implications; OR; MA; PA; WI

June 2, 2023 - Meet Our Voice Australia; National Core Indicators report on IDD; Medicaid purge begins; CT workers still on strike, House passes expansion of services; OK families coming off of waitlist face problems; IN; TX

May 26, 2023 - PBS Series, Part I - Oklahomans w Disabilities face long waitlists for HCBS; IL proposes better oversight for abuse and neglect; NM; GA; CO; Support our DSPs!

May 19, 2023 - CT Group Home Workers Strike, NM Abuse and Neglect, Medicaid may face cuts in Debt Ceiling Negotiations,

May 12, 2023 - TX- Caleb's Law protects guardianship over "the gap"; Can CA find better jobs for people w disabilities?; WVa - HHS accounting of workforce shortages, forced hospitalizations, forensic facilities, etc.; OK funding cuts for ICFs and Nursing Homes; PA seeks $430 M for DSPs and providers.

May 5, 2023 - CDC: End of Covid PHE as Covid drops to 4th leading cause of death, CDC Director to resign, CDC to increase autism tracking; PA - After 126 years, Polk Center closes; New Mexico increases pay for DSPs 150% of state minimum wage. TN increases DSP wage to $15 ph; IL - DD System "Needs Fixing"; MA Arc declares DDS has "systemic failures" in providing services.

April 28, 2023 - CDC finds Profound Autism accounts for 1 in 4 cases; GAO Report on Medicaid population of adults with I/DD; CMS announces new qualty measures and changes to HCBS requirements; Kaine bill to support DSPs and family caregivers. Meng, Menendez introduce Autism Family Caregivers Act. DSP criwsis in IL, IN, TX...

April 21, 2023 - KY Gov. Signs bill to increase number of ICF beds; Unintended consequences of Medicaid cuts on DSPs; IA, GA, NY, TX - Better pay needed for DSP workforce.

April 14, 2023 - Mourning the Loss of Polly Spare; Ohio Recommends Redesignating State's Protection and Advocacy Agency; New Mexico Examines All Facilities, Conducts In-Person Wellness Checks on All Clients in Wake of Horrendous Incidents of Abuse and Neglect; CMS Failed to Post Deficiencies in Nursing Homes; Minnesota defends 14(c) and Opposes "Autism Acceptance"

April 7, 2023 - MO. Group Home Residents at Risk w/o Background Checks; CA Promises Accountability; NY Failed Group Homes thru COVID; VA to End 14(c) Programs; DSP Shortage

March 31, 2023 - Missouri (supporting sheltered workshops / people w. I/DD languishing in hospitals, jails); Virginia may eliminate 14(c) programs; Indiana Senate guts bill to prevent abuse and neglect; AZ; SC; Caregiver Shortages

March 24, 2023 - End of PHE- Millions could lose Medicaid; Higher Autism Prevalence; Candida auris; New Mexico Gov. to Abusive Caregivers: "W'ere Coming For You!"; NJ Nurses' SC DDSN may be restructured; HHS Inspector General: Danger in GA facilities; MN Staffing Shortages; FL Fed law to close Sheltered Workshop.

March 17, 2023 - Illinos group home care (cntd.); Harmful minimum wage requirements proposed in Minnesota; NM terminates agreements with 4 providers of waiver services; Oregon understaffing leads to unsafe conditions & burnout; GA & PA - Lack of workers create dangerous environment, lead to desparate acts; Michigan - Disabled woman starved to death in group home.

March 10, 2023 - Illinois - Rep, Meier introduces safety & accountability reforms; NM - "Family Voice" must be heard in crafting reforms for vulnerable adults; Indiana bill to create standard training and abuse tracking for disability caregivers.

March 3, 2023 - CMS info on end of PHE; CA - Nursing shortage puts medically fragile kids at risk; GA - Workforce emergency; NH - Staffing shortages put assistance on hold; MN - Services in dire danger; NY State signs with SUNY to create national certification, college credits for DSPs.

February 24, 2023 - GAO recommendations on 14(c) programs; Senators say caregiver shortages ripe for bipartisan compromise; VOR comments to CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization; ME - kids languishing in hospitals awaiting services; NC - "Novody cares if we're shuttled off somewhere"; CT - Kids without autism services; CA - Bill to reform failing DD System; IL to close ICF portion of Choate Center; keep forensic units.

February 17, 2023 - NC - Low pay, no advancement: Why DSPs are leaving; GA - workers need more than a pay hike; Virginia - What's a fair rate for people with disabilities?

February 10, 2023 - Changes to Medicaid when PHE ends; Ohio staffing shortage takes a toll; NV man in hospital for months - nowhere else to go; WVa; TX; NJ; NY

February 3, 2023 - Autism rates for children have tripled, likely undercounted; Glenn Grothman's Bill to protect 14(c); Better Care Better Jobs Act revived; NJ Camera Bill; 

January 27, 2023 - MA-Drop in numbers threatens continued existence of State ICFs; TX;NY; ME; OK; CA

January 20, 2023 - Elevator Speech; Mortality rates in HCBS during Covid pandemic; Australia - Thousands of reports of abuse & neglect in group homes; PA - White Haven Center to close; ID - Abuse and neglect; OH; IA; NY;

January 13, 2023 - Federal Staffing Mandates cause concern to providers;  The Persistence of Deintitutionalization; IRS increases ABLE Account limits; Amy Lutz on censorship in autism discourse; MN; PA;MA; NY; Canada

January 6, 2023 - Spending bill renews MFP, extends SSI; paves the way to end one controversial form of behavioral therapy; Staff COVID vaccinations lower resident deaths; Sheltered Workshops; SC; PA; MN.

December 30, 2022 - The Last Institutions by John Hirschauer; Judy Woodruff's son with disabilities changed her view of healthcare; Psyschiatric facilities and children w. austism; WV journalist fired for reporting abuse in state facilities; MA; IA; VA

December 23, 2022 - How to find Safe Homes for those with Complex Needs; Student with I/DD punished in schools; PA Adults with Autism deserve more (Amy Lutz); SC ongoing problems within state DDS; MN town uses loophole to shut down group homes; OR hires a second outside abuse investigator.

December 16, 2022 - TN - New ER Protocols; TX shooting in group home prompts new legislation; Backlash against "neutral" autism language; Nat. Council on Disabilities wants CMS to make HCBS services mandatory; GA.

December 9, 2022 - Effects of DSP Shortages in MA, WI, CA; WA- partial closure of Rainier School; NJ Advocates demand cameras in group homes; SC; VA; OH

December 2, 2022 - Iowa agrees to DOJ settlement; Missouri supports sheltered workshops; Worker shortages & waiting list inaccuracies complicate HCBS programs; Labor Department Crackdown On Caregiver Industry Uncovers Widespread Violations; NC DHHS appeals judge's ruling against ICFs; NY; ID; MI

November 25, 2022 - VOR Response to ACL on Family Caregivers; Disabillity Community Supports Sheltered Workshops; PA - Polk Center Jobs; MN Saving 400 clients in 90 Group Homes; Autism Research

November 18, 2022 - Ohio P&A Hearings; Texas - Guns in Group Homes; PA; GA; NY DSPs; Poor Long-term Planning; Private Equity takover of Health Care.

November 11, 2022 - Lois Curtis Obituary (Olmstead v L.C.); Schools using Force & Restraints; Follow up on Talevski case; Follow up on NC Ruling;

November 4, 2022 - NC Judge orders phase-out of State ICFs; KS Families not receviving HCBS services; PUerto Rico facing severe Medicaid Cuts; Disabled kids fighting school placements almost always lose; Special Ed. Requirements not met.

October 28, 2022 -  Force & Restraint in Schools; Profound Autism; ABA Therapy under fire; CA - Disability Spending depends on "Race & Place";

October 21, 2022 - ANCOR Survey: DSP Crisis Worsening; Kids' Mental Health Care leaves parents in debt; Autistic Teen spent weeks in ER instead of placement; OIG Recommends Increased focus on Medicaid Managed Care; PA; IA.

October 14, 2022 - Disability Employment should include Vocational Centers and 14(c); Direct Support Professional Crisis' Effect on Economy; NCSA letter to IACC; Talevsky Case; Wrentham Center; NM' VT, IL abuse at Choate Center.

October 7, 2022 - SCOTUS: Health and Hospitals v Talevski case threatens the rights of Medicaid Recipients, others; Illinois needs better oversight of Group Homes; MO changes in DD Services; AR; NY; Russia's war on Ukrainians with I/DD.

September 30, 2022 - NIH awards $100 M for Auitism Research; Senate passes Kevin & Avonte's Law for people w. Autism, Alzheimer's who go missing; DSP Shortage; KS; VT; IA.

September 23, 2022 - Feds to support Family Caregivers; Ed Dept awards grants to states for Competitive Integrated Employment; Texa pays DSPs $8.11 per hour; MO; ME; MA; NY

September 16, 2022 - 10 Thiings about Long-Term Services & Supports (LTSS); Direct Support Professionals Week (several articles); Iowa families face agonizing choices; WI managed care concerns; Pennsylvania - Getting thrown to the Wolves (opinion)

September 9, 2022 - DHS revises "Public Charge" rule; Studies of autism tend to exclude women; IA; ID; AR; MN

September 2, 2022 - VOR's Comments on the platform submitted by the Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee; CMS' change in Dental Care rule; Alabama's IQ-based Qualifications; Florida increases minimum wage for DSPs.

August 26, 2022 -  Editorial: Address Abuse in 'Community-Based' Settings, Too (Response to Aug. 5 bill from AZ Legislators); Georgia System for I/DD hits crisis; Staffing shortages in OK & WI; CMS pumps more money into MFP; What happened when private equity company bought a nursing facility (bad outcomes).

August 19, 2022 - 3 great articles supporting 14(c) programs from the Lancaster Patriot (PA); Support DSPs by changing classification at the Labor Board (NY) and creating a career path (SC); Zika Virus - a forgotten generation of children; PA injunction to delay Nov. 30 closing of Polk and White Haven.

August 12, 2022 - Politico: 'People will Die Waiting’: America’s System for the Disabled is Nearing Collapse; Special Ed teacher shortage; CMS 'Health Home' benefit for children with severe needs; Parents quit jobs (NY) or leave states (TX) to look after their loved ones with I/DD; PA Hospital for people w I/DD shutting down.

August 5, 2022 - Arizona Members of Congress introduce bill to investigate abuse and neglect in ICFs (only); DSP crisis in NY and MN; Genetic Autism research.

July 29, 2022 - New Push Underway To Train Doctors, Dentists On I/DD; The Mom Who Invited My Autistic Son To A Birthday Party; AbilityOne Bans 14(c) Certificates;  Iowa - Concerns Raised about ‘Aggressive’ Timeline for Glenwood Resource Center Closure; DSP Crisis: Competition for Workers Among Providers is ‘Untenable’.

July 22, 2022 - Provider Groups Decry ‘Chronic Underfunding’ as CMS Introduces HCBS Quality Measures; Oklahoma - DHS Unveils Plan to End 13-Year Waitlist for DD Services; NY - Troubled Residences for Disabled Operate for Years;

July 15, 2022 - "Nothing About Us Without Us" was never meant to be "Only Us"; Sheltered Workshops Build a Stronger Community; Autism Rate Is Still Growing; Texas - Nearly 200,000 on waiting list; Canada - Low Pay Leads to 'Revolving Door' of DSPs; Autism Genetic Research.

July 8, 2022 -  American Dental Assn. commits to improving dental training and care for serving people w I/DD; Providers question managed care Denials; Justice Department and P&A investigating 'over-institutionalism' of children in Maine; Provider for people w I/DD in Maine to close group homes; DOJ and P&A launch class-action suit in NY; Minnesota's crisis continues; CA failing people w I/DD; CA underserving LatinX people w I/DD; Georgia still falling short; ND; NJ.

June 17, 2022 - I/DD Children Abandoned in the War in Ukraine; Coronavirus Infection During Pregnancy Linked to Brain Development Problems in Babies; Louisiana Dental Care Bill becomes Law; VT; HI.

June 10, 2022 - Bridging the Gap between Adolescent and Adult Care; Minnesota Group Home System in Ruins; Delaware Day Center Closure; NM; FL;TX.

June 3, 2022 - CMS' New Medicaid Waiver Rule; Families cope with children with Severe Autism & violent behavior; Somalis in MN create new terms to define Autism; Delaware (finally) funds its McNesby Act; NY OPWDD releases five-year strategic plan

May 27, 2022 - New Jersey's I/DD Ombudsman, CMS Proposal to Suppress Hospital Safety Data; Bipartisan Legislation to Reform SSI Limits; AR home aide shortage; CA; PA; IA; AZ; TX;

May 20, 2022 - Oklahoma budgets $200M to Eliminate 13-Year-Long Waiting List for Disability Services; Iowa lawmakers debate how to fund transitions from Glenwood; Californians with I/DD can't get dental care; Minnesota - 11% of State’s Nursing Homes Facing Closure due to staff shortages; MA, RI

May 13, 2022 - Families fight to extend Oregon's Paid Family Caregver Program when Public Health Emergency expires; MN - As Group Homes Struggle to Find Workers, Families Forced to Provide Complex Care for Loved Ones with Disabilities; IN, FL, MD, NY, Medical advances in Joubert Syndrome.

May 6, 2022 - Consequences of ending Public Health Emergency; Sexual abuse of people w. I/DD in Oregon; MA, TN, OH

April 29, 2022 - Profit, Pain, and Private Equity - Abuse and Neglect in Private Equity-owned Group Homes; Minnesota state law threatens work options for people with I/DD; Oklahoma's 13-year waiting list; CT group homes, IA, NJ, MA

April 22, 2022 - Barriers to care for adults with I/DD; Advocates for people with Down syndrome seek access to Alzheimer's drug; CA, NC, MN, CT

April 15, 2022 - Update on Iowa closure; KY Closure of Residential Services; TN Frustration w Katie Beckett Waiver; KS Inspector General Report on problems in HCBS waiver program

April 8 2022 - Iowa to Close Glenwood Resource Center (State operated ICF); CT Personal Care Workers; VT, FL, MO; Neurology -  Improving Care for Adults With I/DD.

April 1, 2022 - HHS Gives States $110 Million to Boost Money Follows the Person Program; Iowa's Direct Care Workforce; Michigan Home-Visit Programs save state money; ME Group Homes struggling; DE Funding McNesby Act; OH, VT, Closing centres in the United Kingdom

March 25, 2022 - DSM-5 Update For Autism & I/DD; Staffing Shortages; NE, PA.

March 18, 2022 - DOE Grants for CIE; Biden announces members of President's Comitteefor People w Intellectual Disabilities (PCPID); Waiting Lists Balloon; VA, IN.

March 11, 2022 - Nursing Shortage (Cont.); MA Cannabis Treatment and Autism; DOJ sues on Colorado Nursing Homes

March 4, 2022 - GAO Raises Concerns About Abuse At Residential Facilities; Combined Fed & State Spending on HCBS  Totaled $116 Billion in FY 2020; Shortage of Nurses; MN group homes, WA DSPs

February 25, 2022 - Coalition for the Preservation of 14c; People w I/DD living in inhumane conditions at N.J. Nursing Home; Price gouging for hiring nurses; Autism differences in girls and boys; MN group homes closing; Kidney injuries from too many medicatiions

February 18, 2022 - What is the Medicaid Waiver? Mothers of Children who are Black and Autistic; CDC and AAP Have Updated Their Guidelines for Developmental Milestones; Illinois families plead for more residential care options for children with severe I/DD; Groups addressing the DSP crisis

February 11, 2022 - Australian Families in crisis after NDIS cuts funding to people w ID/A; Higher Pay Not a Cure-all for Nurse Retention; Staffing crisis in grop homes in MN, MI, WA;  WI, OK, FL

February 4, 2022 - "They don't speak for us"; PA helps people with autism in court system; AXZ bills to improve oversight of group homes; Nebraska Leg. proposes $10,000 per person at-home services; Staffing shortages in various states

January 28, 2022 - Coalition for the Preservation of 14(c) White Paper; TX Shortage of DSPs; MO Shortage of DSPs; Iowa Supports Needed; Georgia Bill Aims to Limit Profits of Medicaid Managed-Care Companies; TN Lawsuit against TennCare; NE, AZ; FL

January 21, 2022 - Supreme Court Rules against Vacc. Mandate; CA-Covid and Medically Fragile Children; PA; NJ; OK; NC Ending 14(c) system.

January 14, 2022 -   Does Extra $ Mean Loss of SSI Benefits?  Bigger Social Security, SSI Checks On The Way; MD's and People with Disabilities; Disparities in Med and Dental care for People w I/DD; AADMD; KY; MN National Guard assisting Group Homes; NJ.

January 7, 2022 - IRS Raises Limit For ABLE Accounts; MA; KS; NY; FL; National Guard standing in for DSPs in PA

December 30, 2021 - Illinois - Residents in Congregate Care Facilities Face Yet Another Uncertain Holiday Season; New York New State Laws increases ABA Coverage; Missouri Sheltered Workshops

December 23, 2021 - Medical Marajuana and Autism; North Carolna, Nevada; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; NY; Idaho; Washington

December 17, 2021 - Sister Rosemary Steps down at Misericordia; Profound Autism; No beds available in IL group homes; Attempt to postpone closing of PA ICFs; AR; CT; WI

December 10, 2021 - Lancet Comission calls for DSM-V Category for "Profound Autism"; Future Planning for Loved Ones w Special Needs; DOJ Focuses on Iowa ICFs; Staffing Crises in Group Homes in IA, NY, NE, and MN, National Guard fills in for DSPs in Nursing Homes

December 3, 2021 - 1 in 44 US Children Affected by Autism; HEADs UP Act reintroduced; Oklahoma's Wait List; Missouri Passes Law to Continue 14(c) payments; NC Dental Health; CT; NY; AR Managed Care; CA - What Happened to the State Developmental Centers?

November 26, 2021 - Canada - 'We Can't Hit Pause' - Parents still waiting for services; NY - Hochul allocates $1.5 Billion to Caregivers; TN - 1,000 enroll in new Katie Beckett program; ME Group Homes closing - not due to vaccine mandates; Manged Care problems in AR and MI.

November 19, 2021 - House Passes Build Back Better Act; What's in the bill; Integrated Care for Dual Eligible Individuals; Missouri to Allow Facilities to close for up to 2 years if unable to find staff; Florida Group Home Closures Forcing Some into the Streets; NY - New Curriculum Prepares Nurses to Care for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

November 12, 2021 - Amy Lutz Opinion; Ableism and Vaccination - Opinion; PA - Nowhere to Go; NH - Emergency Rooms instead of placements; MA; MI; WI.

November 5, 2021 - Build Back Better Act update; Health Care Workers must be fully vaccinated by January 4; Differences in Autism rates by community; Disability Employment Rights Update; PA; TN; TX.

October 29, 2021 - Build Back Better Act update; Cost to families with loved ones with I/DD; NC; NY;  PA; NJ; MI.

October 22, 2021 - AbilityOne Moves To End Subminimum Wage; Private providers and Anti-competitive staffing agencies; Unionization and DSPs; MA; CO; IL; CT ; ME.

October 15, 2021 - 14(c) Wage Cetificates Move Closer to Extinction; Autism Treatments; California's vaccine mandate

October 8, 2021 - Our Voices, Our Stories - Severe Autism Video & Panel Discussion, 5 Myths about Intellectual Disabilities, UK - 'Explosive' Jump in Autism Diagnoses, Canada - 'What We Need Doesn't Exist'; OK, MD, FL, NY, NH, Ending Sheltered Workshops in CA, IL.

October 1, 2021 - Disability Service Providers On The Brink: Long Hours, Low Pay, Loneliness & a Booming Industry; OH, MO, GA, OK, CO, CT, MA

September 24, 2021 - Build Back Better Reconciliation Bill, Low Wages & Pandemic Toll on DSPs, LA, FL, SC, IN

September 17 2021 -  Health Care workers deserve better pay, recognition; Congress may cut Biden's $400 Billion for HCBS Services to $200 Billion or less; Abuse in group homes in West Virginia; NY Senate explores "severe" staffing cuts in agency overseeing I/DD svcs; NM, OK, Managed Care in GA and OK, Horse Therapy

September 10, 2021 - Hurrican Ida relief (Louisiana and Pennsylvania); Ntional Direct Support Professionas Recognition Week; Disability Services closing in many states, People with I/DD at higher risk for severe Covid, Tricare cutting autism services for military families

September 3, 2021 - Seeking Parity Funding for ICFs, including higher wages and training for all DSPs; Masking bans and mandatory vaccinations, NJ, VA 

August 27, 2021 -  lHow Covid pandiemic affected North Carolina DD System, IA, MD, CA, New Covid regulations in various states.

August 20, 2021 - Amy Lutz "What is an Institution?", Pineville Supports and Services Center -100th Anniversary, SSI Ovefrhaul, Vaccine Mandates for Health Care Professionals, TX, MA, ME.. PA

August 13, 2021 - Biden Administration Considers Withholding Funds to Spur Vaccinations, Health Economiists spurring CMS to Mandate COVID Vaccinations, Review of American Rescue Plan Act spending on Home and Community Based Services, More States Requiring Vaccinations among Health Care Workers.

August 6, 2021 - Tennessee and problems with Tenncare services, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, COVID, Increasing infection rates and new vaccination requirements in several states.

July 30, 2021 - More on Better Care Better Jobs and other initiatives, Justice Department will not investigate wrongful deaths from COVID cases in Nursing Homes or Group Homes in NY and other states, Follow up letters to David Axelrod's NY Times editorial, COVID-19 Delta strain updates.   

July 23, 2021 - Concerns regarding the Better Care Better Jobs Act's exclusion of ICF services for funding. South Dakota, South Carolina, Connecticut,

July 16, 2021 - David Axelrod letter to the NY Times, "When It Comes to People Like My Daughter, One Size Does Not Fit All", Federal Autism Committee to reconvene after two years dark, Health effects on parents of children with Medically Complex Conditions, Guardianship in the wake of the Britney Spears' case. Massachusetts electric shock ruling, Elimination of  work centers and 14(c) in Minnesota & Hawaii

July 2, 2021 - VOR's new Board of Directors, New Ohio law allows state to review the activites of its Protection and Advocacy agency, Disability Rights Ohio.

June 25, 2021 -  The Better Care Better Jobs Act, Reconciliation Bill, Biden’s HCBS Expansion Plan Could Harm ICFs, OH, NY, CT, NY, KS

June 18, 2021 - COVID-19 Outcomes for People with I/DD, Australia Hospitalisation Rates 4.5 times Higher for People with I/DD, OH Bill would oversee state's P&A, OR, AZ

June 11, 2021 -  Sleeping in Shifts, Hoping a Nurse Shows Up, Untrained Clinicians Pose Risk to People with I/DD, MA - Colleen Lukevitch to retire from COFAR, PA - Tom Kashatus, MO, NC.

June 4, 2021 -  Chiquita Brooks-LaSure New CMS Commissioner, CT DSP Strike Averted, AR, DE, OK, MO, NY, VA, MA, ME, KS

May 28, 2021 - Congress Urged To Increase Spending On Autism, Push to End Organ Transplant Discrimination for Developmentally Disabled, DE - McNesby Act Funding, Seclusion and Restraint in Illinois Schools, NY Staffing Crisis in group homes

May 21, 2021 - Editorial: Why Do Good For Some? Why Not Everyone? Biden Admin favors HCBS funding, 500 CEOs commit to disability inclusion, Abuse and Neglect in Sequel group homes, IL, AZ, ME OK

May 14, 2021 - CMS' Issues New Rules about COVID vaccines and reporting at ICFs, Wage Disparities for DSPs, Shortage of Behavior Therapists, W VA Abuse and Neglect Report, NY, SC, FL

May 7, 2021 - Stimulus Funds for DD Services Remain in Limbo, US Prisons hold more than 550,000 people with I/D, NJ, NV, Telemedecine

April 30, 2021 - Biden American Families Plan, Louisiana Dental Task Force, IA, NY, OK

April 23, 2021 - VOR Comments on Proposed HCBS Access Act, Toll of COVID on people with I/DD, MA., W. VA, NJ, KS, TX

April 16, 2021 - New Push to Eliminate Subminimum Wage, Vaccinations Lag for Home Health Workers, Horse Therapy, Texas 25 People removed from unlicensed group home, 

April 9, 2021 - Assessing the Biden Plan for LTSS, Study Finds Poor Physician Interactions with People with I/DD, IL, NY

April 2, 2021 - Race between Vaccines and Variants, Difficulty for People with I/DD in Attaining Vaccines, $2 Trillion Jobs and Infrastructure Plan, Nebraska - Future of the Beatrice Center, AL- Organ Transplant Discrimination, PA, NY, WI

March 26, 2021 - PA - the fight to save White Haven Center, MA Drop in Pre-COVID Employment for DDS Clients, TX, NJ,

March 19, 2021 -   HCBS Access Act of 2021, COVID Cases Plummet for I/DD's with Vaccines, Fed proposed changes to Vocational Centers and 14(c), Why We Need the Term :"Profound Autism", FL, TX, NY, 

March 12, 2021   American Rescue Plan includes 10% FMAP Increase only for people with I/DD in HCBS Settings, I/DD is Second Greatest Risk Factor for Death from COVID-19, GAO: Problems in Managed Care for Medicaid Long-Term Services & Supports, Organ Transplant Discrimination, Missouri - Vocational Centers get support from Congressman, OH, AR, TN. MN, TX, HI, CT

March 5, 2021   COVID-19 Vaccine Access for People with Disabilities, Splitting the Autism Spectrum, HHS Inspector General Report: NY Did Not Comply with Reporting Critical Incidents Involving People with I/DD, NY, NC, NV, WA

February 26, 2021   American Rescue Plan should cover all people with I/DD, not only HCBS services, CMS Guidance on Visitations, CA, NY, KY, MD, SC, WI

February 19, 2021   Misericordia 100 Years, Difficulties Accessing COVID Vaccine for people with I/DD, South Carolina, Wisconsin,Missouri, Minnesota, Georgia, Colorado

February 12, 2021  Senate Asks Biden to Expand HCBS Services, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California.

February 5, 2021   Weaponizing "Ableism" in the World of Autism, Supporting Vocational Centers and 14(c), OR, NY, MA, NJ, Coronavirus Updates

January 29, 2021  Biden I/DD Policies, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, Coronavirus updates

January 22, 2021  Alison Barkoff to head ACL, Biden I/DD Policies, CDC sees increase in I/DD, Disability Discriminatiion in Healthcare, Coronavirus Variants.

January 15, 2021  Cats for people with Autism, Puppies for peoplle with Disabilities, Vaccine Updates, Respite Care, Tennessee opts for Medicaid Block Grant, IL lawmakers want to end Medicaid Managed Care.

January 8, 2021  Coronavirus Vaccine Update, In support of Vocational Centers and 14(c) Wage Certificates, The need to use the term "Profound Autism", Pay Hikes for DSPs.

December 23, 2020   MFP Renewed for 3 Yrs, Christmas Cards in Connecticut, State by State guide to Vaccine Rollouts, GAO: Medicaid Managed Care in Long-term Care needs oversight, VT, OR, PA

December 18, 2020   Vaccinations  Begin, Disability Advocates Urge People To Get Vaccinated, Missouri Workshops, AZ DD System Falliing Apart, NJ Group Homes to install cameras, FL, Telehealth

December 11, 2020   Got An Extra Christmas Card? Vaccine Distribution, Training more Doctors and Nurses to understand people with IDD, TX, NY

December 4, 2020    About the Coronavirus Vaccines, Mentor Group Homes fail in Oregon & Iowa, OK., PA, MI

November 25, 2020   The Holidays Without My Brother, Hug Tents, SC, MA, NY, MA - Remembering Fernald, ❤️ DSPs ❤️

November 20, 2020   COVID -19 affects DSPs and people with IDD, PA, IA, MO, NH,  OH

November 13, 2020   Developmental Disorders Heighten Risk of Dying from Covid-19, Online Support Group for DSPs in COVID Crisis, 1st Person with Down Syndrome to Complete Iron Man Competition, TX, CA, NJ, MA

November 6, 2020   CMS to Priotize Community Services in States, Arizona Falls Short of Providing Community Services, Tennessee's Katie Beckett Program

October 30, 2020  "Against Community" by Amy Lutz, CMS & C'OVID-19, States Struggle with Vaccine Plans, PPL w. Down Syndrome and COVID-19, OH, CA, TX, NJ

October 23, 2020  NCD Wants to end Vocational Centers & 14(c), Death by Severe Autism - Lee Wachtel, MO, KY, TX, FL, Murray Center Video 5

October 16, 2020  ABLE Accounts, SSI Increase, Telehealth, Heart, Lung, Diabetic Conditions More Common In Adults On The Spectrum, OH, OK, Book Review - Amy Lutz' We Walk, Murray Center Video 4

October 9, 2020   VOR remembers Bill Anderson, VA, AR, OR, Murray Center Videos

October 2, 2020   VOR remembers Feda Almaliti, Homelessness and People with IDD, Fed. Autism Council Goes Dark, FL drops Covid testing, .NY-CT-NJ Class action suit, CA, NY Group Homes in Crisis, Murray Parents Assn. Video 2

September 26, 2020  VOR remembers Ruth Bader Ginsburg, CMS adds $165M in funding for MFP, Living Wage for DSPs?, TX, CT, OR, FL, NJ Murray Parents Assn. Video 1

September 18, 2020   COVID-19 Relief Needed, The movement to close Work Centers and eliminate 14(c) wage certificates, TX, AR, NY, SD

September 11, 2020  COVID Vaccine for people with IDD, TX, SC, MD, ME, Police and the autism, IDD population.

September 4, 2020   Nat'l Law Review on Guardianship & SDM, Ending Census early could hurt IDD population, NJ, OK, CT, GA, AZ, AR, NY

August 28, 2020   COVID-19 may  shut programs for good, State actions to sustain Medicaid LTSS programs, DSPs: More people of color & immigrants lost to COVID, Disability leaders decry Cancel Culture at NY Times, Delays in Autism Dx among African American Kids, KY, CT, MN, OR, MA, NY

August 21, 2020   COVID-19 Seven Months Later, PPE shortages, Racial Disparities in IDD community, "Disabiliity Bias", NJ to pay DSPs more, CA Intentional Community, FL mulls vists without testing

August 14, 2020   "If positive, but asypmtomatic, keep working", Community Spread and new spike in COVID0 Cases, COVID-19 and DSPs, PA: 41 Kids with IDD reported sex assaults at Philly non-profit, Arkansas HDC sees spike in COVID cases, VA, NY, RI, State Medicaid Programs

August 7, 2020   Coronavirus Relief Funding Bill, Stop Canceling Options, Telemedicine, Health Care Workers of Color more likely to get COVID-19, AZ, NY, FL, MA

July 31, 2020   Coronavirus Funding Bill,  Autism not covered in ADA, Medicaid pushe to the brink in CO, IA providers not happy with privatized Managed Care, Arizona inequities.

July 24, 2020   30th Anniv. of ADA, What an increase in FMAP will mean to you, FEMA sends faulty PPE, CT, MA, SC.

July 17, 2020   CMS delays Settings Rule, Coronavirus in AK HDCs & TX SSLCs, FL, MO, OR, Puerto Rico

July 10, 2020   VOR Response to ACLU=/SEIU Petition, CMS FAQ for ppl w disabilities during pandemic, States fail to implement IDEA, Amy Lutz: "Dear NYT Madeline", ME, FL, GA, SC, NY,

July 2, 2020   Hollowed-Out Public Health System Faces More Cuts Amid Virus, Post-COVID State Budgets Cut IDD Funding:  KS, GA, TN, NY, NH, NC; No COVID Test Kits for FL Group Homes; MA, PA, OK, IL, DE

June 26. 2020   Thse w. IDD in group homes more likely to die from COVID; Florida Gov. opens budget to New ICFs & orders increased testing in group homes, NJ Assembly Hearings on COVID in Dev. Ctrs & group homes; Minnesota Disability Service Providers on the brink of collapse from COVID-19; Amy Lutz on "Partial Advocacy", OH "No group homes in our back yard"

June 19, 2020   VOR Board of Directors - New Members and Officers; CDC New COVID Testing Recommendations; Family Caregivers; CT, VA, PA, OR, OK, NY

June 12, 2020   (Mislabeled as June 5) Hospitals allow visitors for patients w IDD; Higher Infection rates for people w IDD; HHS releases $15B COVID Relief funds to Disability Providers; NY, OH, GA, PA, IA, CA

June 5, 2020   Biden Campaign IDD Policy; Need for COVID Tracking, MA - IDD COVID Rates Higher than Gen. Pop.; ME - Group Homes Have Higher Infection Rates, MO Need More DSPs; CA

May 29, 2020   Study: People w. IDD more likely to die from COVID-19, Coronavirus threatens autiistic people in group homes, Texas to expand testing to all ICFs - not group homes, Ohio to re-open June 8,

May 22, 2020   VOR Submits Testimony, Language to Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor HHS on MFP, IDD Hospital Admissions Form; D.C., Illinois, NY. NJ, ME, DSP Heroes

May 15, 2020   COVID-19: Information resources, Lack of tracking of cases of Coronavirus; Lfe with an Autistic Child, PA, AZ, NY, NJ, MA,

May 8, 2020   COVID-19: High toll on people w. IDD, Hospital No-Visotors Policies Endanger people w. IDD, Private Providers Struggle to Stay Afloat; NJ, SC, MA

May 1, 2020   Ohio - Settlement of Ball v. Kasich Class Action Suit, New Jersey - COVID Saliva Tests for State ICFs, Hospital Visits for People with I/DD, Iowa - Further Staff Changes at Glenwood

April 24, 2020   Why some people get sicker with COVID-19, Higher Death Rates from COVID-19 for People with IDD, CT, NY, FL, CA, CARES Act Funding

April 17, 2020   Aging Parents Haven't Finalized Plans for Disabled Children, New York - People with Disabilities in Group Homes Contracting Coronavirus at Five Times the City Rate, D.C, NJ, VS, CT, TX, FL, CO

April 10, 2020   Providers, "We need more PPE & Testing, States Depend on Medicaid in COVID Fight, NEw York - Homes for the Disabled See A Surge of Covid-19, IL, CT, NJ, CA, MA, MI, Medical Ethics

April 3, 2020   Stimulus Plan Falls Short For People With Disabilities, Disability No Reason To Deny COVID-19 Care, Telehealth, New York Group Homes & COVID-19 Crisis, Texas - Denton Center, CT, AZ, OK, MA

March 27, 2020   People With IDD Denied Lifesaving Care \as Coronavirus Spreads, Members of Congress Seek Protections for People w IDD, Allocating Ventilators, Autism among 8-year olds measures 1 in 54, TX - Covid at Denton SSLC, CO Outbreaks

March 20, 2020   Coronavirus Updates, TeleHealth, Special Ed at home, SC, NE

March 13, 2020   Coronavirus Updates, In Memoriam: Bill Sherman, Autism Parents at risk for PTSD, MN, NJ, WV, OH, GA

March 6, 2020   Hassan Bill to Help Recruit More Professionals to Care for Disabled, FDA Bans Shcok Devices, AR , GA MN, NJ, NY

February 28, 2020  Screening for Autism, Evaluating Persons with I/DD, Bill to Expand Respite Care, OR. NJ, NY, WV, IA

February 21, 2020  CMS Preadmission Rules Change, CDC: I/DD more Prevalent in Rural Areas, Opinion: Trump Support for Mentally Ill, New York After Willowbrook, ME, PA, NC, MD, CA

February 14, 2020  Trump, Sanders Platforms for DD Services, PA Gov. Vetoes Bill to Prevent Closing Polk & White Haven, AZ, NC ,OR, NJ, TN, CA

February 7, 2020  National Waitlists for Waiver Services Growing, Prevalence of I/DD in Children Rising, PA Families File Lawsuit, NY, CO, VA, TX, Medicaid Cuts

January 31, 2020   Medicaid Block Grants, Bills to provide for DSPs during Hospitalization, Imprisonment of persons with I/DD, PA, AK, NY, ME, CA, Ireland

January 24, 2020 Special Edition - Pennsylvania

January 24, 2020   Genes linked to Autism, Work Centers & 14(c), Opinion - Amy Lutz, IL, ME, OH, AZ, FL, IA, LA, NY

January 17, 2020   Chemicals may cause I/DD, 1/4 of Children w Autism undiagnosed, Changes to Social Security, Seclusion, and Disability Hiring. PA, MA "Nicky's Law" passed, AZ, NJ, RI

January 10, 2020   Saliva Test For Autism, Congress Increass Funding for Special Ed, 5 month extension for MFP, CMS crackdown on Medicaid Payments, FL, IA, MA, TX

January 3, 2020   Projections for Disabilities in 2030, Autism Symptoms Vary Greatly Among Identical Twins, Illinois Waitlists, NC - ‘What Happens When We Die?', WI, IA, MO, Australia

December 27, 2019   Florida Dental Program Draws Concerns for People with Disabilities, New Mexico, Georgia

December 20, 2019   Ohio - Judge rejects DRO Settlement, PA Bill for moratorium on closure of Polk & White Haven passes House, Maine Waitlists, GA, NC, W.VA, WA

December 13, 2019   Managed Long-Term Services & Supports Falling Short for Adults w I/DD, Shortage Of Autism Therapists, Fact Sheet on Subminimum Wages for People with Disabilities, NY, MN, OH, VA, TN, PA

November 29, 2019   Update on Money Follows the Person, Ob-Gyn services fall short for women w.I/DD, MO, KA, MA, OH

November 22, 2019   Olmstead & Choice; NY Audits on Abuse & Neglect; Illinois Isolating Students w I/DD & Autism; Medicaid changes cut care in MN, WA & NC; PA Moratorium passes Senate; Behavioral Interventions decrease need for drugs.

November 15, 2019   VOR & Together For Choice in D.C., NJ Group Homes v. ICFs, NJ DSP's, Iowa Work opportunities disappear, LA Lawsuit, NC, NY

November 8, 2019   First Responders, Disability Housing, MI, ME, MA, FL, TN

November 1, 2019   Acetominephen in pregnancy leads to Autism? Down Syndrome & Aging with Dementia, ME Man's Death shows crack in Safety Net, FL, CA NY, TX Dentist

October 25, 2019   PA Hearings, Shortcomings In Autism Screening, MI, TN, CA, MO, PA, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

October 18, 2019   Improving Data on People with I/DD, Special Ed Chief Johnny Collette quits, Increase in foreign-born caregivers, PA Sen. Call for Probe of DHS Decision to Close State Centers, VT, WI, MA

October 11, 2019   Editorial: Institutions are Bad? Abuse & Neglect update, Gaps In Medicaid Waivers, AR Judge Holmes

October 4, 2019   Adults with I/DD 'Invisible' in National Data, Autism Insurance in 50 states, Down Syndrome research funding down, PA Closure Moratorium Bill, NY $6M Settlement at "Bronx Zoo", FL, MI, MO, CA

September 27, 2019   CDC sees spike in DD, Erasure of Severe Autism, PA Closures,. TN Block Grants, MO waitlist, SC vacancies, AK, AR. WI

September 20, 2019   PA Closures. Autism CARES bill, VT overhauls DD services, NE, NJ, NY. GA

September 13, 2019   Direct Support Professionals, Disability Advocates Sue to Stop Charge Rule, PA Protests, SC PSA, WA, NM, NY. IL

September 6, 2019   Medicaid Managed Care, MA, AR, Living in "The Community", Dental Students Train for Special Needs Patients

August 30, 2019   Georgia-Deaths & Lack of Housing Continue, Autism Perspecitives, National Background Checks, TX. CA, Sister Rosemary

August 23, 2019   Public Charge Rule affects families of people with I/DD, PA Closures, GA, TX, CA, FL, MA, Ohio DSPs

August 16, 2019  Pennsylvania Governor to close two state ICFs, ACL failed to monitor its programs, Abuse and neglect in WA & OR, problems in NY, MA, NE

August 9, 2019  Managed Care, Missouri's 50% DSP turnover rate, AZ, OR, MA

August 2, 2019  DOJ failure to enact Autism Wandering Laws, Puerto Rico loses funding from ACL, Utah's Medically Fragile, Ilinois' 911 Notification Law, NY Justice Center Fail, Abuse cases in Indiana and Missouri

July 26, 2019  Sue Jennings speaks at IACC meeting, House passes Autism CARES Act, Senators Slam Abuse in Nursing Homes, NY, VA, D.C.

July 19, 2019  House votes to end 14c wage certificates, EPA won't ban Chlorpyrifos (Pesticide Tied to Children’s Health Problems), SC, MD, ME, MA

July 12, 2019   Medicaid changing reporting requirements, Schools unprepared for student IEP's, NY, TN, AZ residents forced to leave Hacienda

July 5, 2019   VOR's New YouTube Page, Washington, D.C.  Texas, CA, AZ, IA, KY, Alaska cuts dental benefits

June 28, 2019   Olmstead, Ireland, CA, KY, TX-Lubbock SSLC 50th Anniversary, Critique of the Disability Integration Act

June 21, 2019   20th Anniversary of Olmstead, MFP, Overuse of restraint & seclusion, CA, WV, AZ, PA, OH managed care

June 14, 2019   VOR Conference Report! I/DD training for MD's meets resistance, NCD anti-guardianship for most people with I/DD, NY Times - Abuse in Bronx IRA, MO Parents want to record IEP meetings

June 7, 2019    Autism insurance after 21, PA, VA, AR, DE, CA

May 31, 2019   Labor Dept. Seeks Input on 14(c), Disability Integration Act, OH, TX, NC, MA, NJ

May 24, 2109   Autism w. I/DD neglected in studies, WA man awarded $8M in abuse settlement, NJ-Bellwether license revoked, NC closure in PeeDee, Texas' 10-year wait list, MI, MA.

May 17, 2019   Gaps in autism employment, Hearings on Transition Age Gaps, Safety Net Hospitals, OR, AR, CA, MA, MI

May 10, 2019   HEADs UP Act, Autism, Managed Care Denying Services?, TN, NM, IL, Jean Vanier passes.

May 3, 2019   Pennsylvania Legislature Hearing on Opening Doors in ICFs, Medicaid changes, OH, AK, TN, MA

April 26, 2019   CMS: States need better Background Checks, CA - Abuse unchecked, WA, AZ, TX

April 19, 2019    Medicaid distribution unfair to people w I/DD, CDC numbers on Autism rising, Safety Net Hospitals (Disproportionate Share Hospitals - DSH) in danger, LA, NM, TENN, FL, ILL.

April 12, 2019April 12, 2019     Anti-ICF in Iowa & Utah, PA group home death, Texas hining DSPs, Ohio DSP shortage, Minnesota, Tennessee, Nevada

Apr 5, 2019   Medicaid Wait Lists; US Senate Investigation Of Group Home Provider; GA asks DOJ to end oversight; NC Wait List; FL Medicaid Cuts;

Mar 29, 2019   Special Olympics Funding; The New R-Word; Jobs Bill would exclude many with I/DD, Austism; NJ - Escaped Group Home Residents; KY; CA; NY;

Mar 22, 2019   Severe Autism Overlooked; Proposed Cuts to State Medicaid Budgets in NY, VA, KY & AK; Iowa Evacuates in Flood; TN; MD

Mar 15, 2019   Fed budget proposes severe cuts to Medicaid & Disability programs; NJ; WA; ID; TN

Mar 8, 2019   Getting rid of the R-Word, Expanding ABLE, Aging with I/DD, NJ, VA, AZ, Bill Watch

Mar 1, 2019   VOR Conference Info, Capped Medicaid Risks, When Safety Net Fails, Dentists must treat people w. IDD, MI, TX, RI, NY

Feb 22, 2019   Crisis: Kids w. Autism Grow Up, Equine Therapy, AZ, MA, W. VA, WA, DE

Feb 15, 2019   Lack of ABA Therapy, CT - Southbury Training School, COFAR Legislative Agenda, DSP Crisis, ME - Impact of conversion from work centers to integrated employment

Feb 8, 2019    Work Center closures, Bills to Watch in 116th Congress, AZ updates on Hacienda, VA, OR, CA

Feb 1, 2019    VOR's Letter to 116th Congress, Remembering Mary McTernan VOR's past President, AZ followup, VA, ND

Jan 25, 2019   Disability Integration Act reintroduced, Govt. Shutdown affects services for IDD community, AZ Hacienda DSP arrested, CA, NJ

Jan 18, 2019    Nat'l Council on Severe Autism, Medicaid Block Grants, Girls on the Spectrum, Sheltered Workshops

Jan 11, 2019    UN Convention, ANCOR campaign against ICF, AZ Hacienda Facility: IDD Woman in Coma gives birth, KY ASD Student dragged, NY DSP's

Jan 4, 2019    116th Congress Sworn in, CA Sonoma Ctr. Closes, NJ Missing man w IDD found dead, WA Man w. IDD left in ER

Dec 28, 2019    Money Follows the Person, Fundraisining Appeal

Dec 21, 2018    Money Follows the Person, Shock Device Ban, AZ Coolidge Ctr., OK, CT, NY

Dec. 14, 2018   Ball v. Kasich update, Stop MFP Action Alert, NY Justice Center, CA Failing, MD, AR, WA, OR, TX

Dec. 7, 2018   George H W Bush Remembered, NY fails the mentally ill, MA - Judge Tauro passes, IA, TX, TN

Nov. 30, 2018   New Congress - new concerns, 1 in 40 births have autism, SC Mom Charged, TN Families devastated

Nov. 23, 2018   VA In-home care for people displaced from ICFs?, MI fails on Special Ed., IL, IA, MA, CT

Nov. 16, 2018   Increase ABA Therapy,. Test for Autism, 500,000 w Autism enter workforce?, DSP wages, AR Holiday Train, MA, SC, KY.

Nov. 9, 2018   Editorial: The 'R' Word & the 'I' Word, Medicaid cutting Transport Funding, NY-Non-fatal Strangulations, DSP's, Special Ed, Music Therapy

Nov. 2, 2018   Brothers with I/DD killed in Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, Notes on Misericordia/Together for Choice Conference, NY Sex offenders in Group Homes, MA Rotenberg Ctr. and Abuse

Oct. 26, 2018   Housing for Sr's with I/DD Children, Reaching Minorities, WI Noncompliance OIG Report, IA, NJ, MD, MT lawsuit settlement

Oct. 20, 2018   Amy Lutz' DSP's are our Friends, CMS hires Mary Mayhew, TX, KY, KS

Oct.12, 2018  DSP Crisis, Aging with Down Syndrome, NJ-Kominos Law, IL, FL TN

Oct. 4, 2018   NY State Putting Sex Offenders in Group Homes, MO, AR, Special Ed

Sept. 28, 2018   CMS, I/DD & Immigration, GA's Separate & Unequal Special Ed, NJ, AR, OH

Sept. 21, 2018  Ohio Families file countersuit, Puerto Rico, NH, IA, OK, MA, Australia

Sept. 14, 2018   H.R. 6786, Forensic I/DD Population, Iowa, WA, ME, TX, SD, Military Families

September 7, 2018  Action Alert on MFP, Delaware, Maine, Kentucky, W. Virginia, Autism Blood Test

Aug 31, 2018  Report on IDD among childrenunder 5 in 195 countries 1990-2016, TX, FL, Iowa, Montana, PA

August 24, 2018  Indiana Disability Task Force, Arkansas, W. Virginia, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey

August 17, 2018 Treatment Incentives, Diplomats' families, PA Hamburg Ctr. Closed, Montana, Maryland, TX Water Park

August 10, 2018 Press contacts needed, NJ Group Home Provider, Texas, Iowa, New York 

August 3, 2018  Reminder- The Importance of Medicaid, Federal Disability Policy Office, EVV Delayed, NJ, OH, Abuse in LA 

July 28, 2018  ACL Controversy, Delaware DD Council Misconduct, Behavioral Health, Direct Support Professionals

July 20, 2018  Illinois Auditor General report on DHS Oversight, ACL's Mary Lazare's comments cause stir, OH, SC, MI, CA

July 13, 2018  Congregate Care Facilities reports: MT, TX, CA, PA, NY.  DOE sued over delay of Special Ed Rule. ME, MA, NJ

July 6, 2018  AR 4th of July, Sesame Place Autism Certified, DOE delays IDEA Equity Compliance, Ohio DSP Turnover Rate

June 29, 2018  Feds to Make Group Homes Safer, Preventing Sexual Abuse, CA Tragedy, NJ Budget, MA Shock Therapy

June 22, 2018   Autism Blood Test, PA Hamburg Ctr., MT Budget Cuts, Sheltered Workshops (MA, IN), DSP Crisis (NJ, OH)

June 15, 2018  News from VOR's 2018 Conference, CMSLTSS Expenditures, Low Medicaid Rates, NE, OH, MN

June 8, 2018 Texas (Preventable Tragedy), Autism Seizures, HI (ARC $7M Theft), NY, OH, MA, GA (Marijuana)

June 1, 2018  MO man died in 'Fight Club' buried in concrete, VA, OH, CA, OK, NJ, In Memorium Virginia Carraway

May 25, 2018  WY new buildings at WLRC, RI restores IDD funding. MD DSP rate increase, MN, DE McNesby Act, MA.

May 18, 2018   Device Predicts Autism Aggression, Electronic Visit Verification, HR 5658, Ohio-Abuser Registry, DE, MA

May 11, 2018  Crisis in Louisiana, Govt urged to improve I/DD system, Med Care for Autisitic Adults, NJ, OK, CT, DEL

May 4, 2018   CBD Research, Autism Testing, Alaska ARC overbilled $2.4 Million, DSP Crisis in Ohio, WI employment rights

April 27, 2018   Iowa's Managed Care Problems, Special Ed Funding Problems, Autism on the Rise, GA, CT, MA, TX, MO

April 20, 2018   Amy Lutz' Letter to HHS, Curbing DR Iowa, FL Abuse & Neglect, VA-Save CVTC, NJ, CA

April 13, 2018   NJ - $1.4M Settlement, Budget Problems in AZ, CA, LA, AZ, CA, CT, MA Sealed Investigation

Apr 6, 2018    HR620, OH, GA, MA, NM, Sheltered Workshops, Intentional Communities

Mar 30, 2018   HR4547,  PA (Hamburg Closing), CT, CA, RI, Dental Care 

Mar 23, 2018   Money Follows the Person, Guardianship & SDM, AK, MN, VA, TX, Dental, Barber

Mar 16, 2018   CA (Sonoma PHA), Medical Research, Dental, NJ, ME, NJ  

Mar 9, 2018   VOR-House Judiciary Hearings, HHS Strategic Plan, VA, CT (Op-Ed), MA, TX, SC, AHCA

Mar 2, 2018   Autism Coordinator, IDEA Delayed, IL, NC, ME, MN Sheltered Workshops 

Feb 23, 2018  IL, Money Follows the Person, MIlitary Behav. Therapy, ME, AR, CA, GA, KY, PA, OR

Feb 16, 2018  ADA, Fed Report on DSP's, HI, OH (Safety), CT (Safe Relationships, NY (DSP's)

Feb 9, 2018    Opinion: Lee Wachtel, VA, NJ, OH, FL, MI, NM, WA, Gerber's Down Syndrome Baby

Feb 2, 2018  Medicaid Transportation at risk, HCBS Expenditures Down, TX, ME, IN, DE, D. Vitkus

Jan 26, 2018  RAISE Act, HCBS Report, I/DD Preschool Suspensions, VA, NC, ID, NY, UT, Dental Svcs

Jan 19, 2018  Joint Statement by ACL, HHS warns of Group Home Dangers, Abuse & Neglect, Utah Class Action Lawsuit, TX, CO, OR, OK, MA, Opinion: 2014 Final Rule a Barrier To Appropriate Care

Jan 12, 2018  I/DD & Sexual Assault, Tax Law & ABLE Accounts, TX, SC, TX, ME, NJ, MA, KA, NE

Jan 5, 2018  CT - Autistic Man Abandoned to ER;  PA, NJ, Canada's Shelltered Workshops

Dec 26, 2017 CT - Autistic Man Abandoned to Emergency Room for 5 Months;  CO, NJ, WI

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