Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Home is Where the Heart Is

The Coalition for Community Choice (CCC) is a unified voice for increasing options and decreasing barriers to housing choices.

By Desiree Kameka, Director of Community Education & Advocacy, Madison House Autism Foundation; and Tamie Hopp, Director of Government Relations & Advocacy, VOR; Originally published in EP (Exceptional Parent) Magazine (April 2014), excerpts posted here.

Did you know…

  • In the next decade, over 800,000 on the autism spectrum will transition to adulthood. 
  • Almost all states have waitlists for accessing adult support services, yet the average growth of funding nationally is only 3.2%.
  • Almost one million individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) are still living with caregivers over the age of 60.

In response to these staggering statistics, there is a movement of families and local organizations working together to create sustainable solutions to this national housing and support service crisis. They are organized and gathering information at conferences, many have joined together for advocacy as the Coalition for Community Choice, and are sharing solutions at the new Autism Housing Network.

Read full article (EP Magazine, April 2014)