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 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

VOR's Weekly Newsletter

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September 27, 2019   CDC sees spike in DD, Erasure of Severe Autism, PA Closures,. TN Block Grants, MO waitlist, SC vacancies, AK, AR. WI

September 20, 2019   PA Closures. Autism CARES bill, VT overhauls DD services, NE, NJ, NY. GA

September 13, 2019   Direct Support Professionals, Disability Advocates Sue to Stop Charge Rule, PA Protests, SC PSA, WA, NM, NY. IL

September 6, 2019   Medicaid Managed Care, MA, AR, Living in "The Community", Dental Students Train for Special Needs Patients

August 30, 2019   Georgia-Deaths & Lack of Housing Continue, Autism Perspecitives, National Background Checks, TX. CA, Sister Rosemary

August 23, 2019   Public Charge Rule affects families of people with I/DD, PA Closures, GA, TX, CA, FL, MA, Ohio DSPs

August 16, 2019  Pennsylvania Governor to close two state ICFs, ACL failed to monitor its programs, Abuse and neglect in WA & OR, problems in NY, MA, NE

August 9, 2019  Managed Care, Missouri's 50% DSP turnover rate, AZ, OR, MA

August 2, 2019  DOJ failure to enact Autism Wandering Laws, Puerto Rico loses funding from ACL, Utah's Medically Fragile, Ilinois' 911 Notification Law, NY Justice Center Fail, Abuse cases in Indiana and Missouri

July 26, 2019  Sue Jennings speaks at IACC meeting, House passes Autism CARES Act, Senators Slam Abuse in Nursing Homes, NY, VA, D.C.

July 19, 2019  House votes to end 14c wage certificates, EPA won't ban Chlorpyrifos (Pesticide Tied to Children’s Health Problems), SC, MD, ME, MA

July 12, 2019   Medicaid changing reporting requirements, Schools unprepared for student IEP's, NY, TN, AZ residents forced to leave Hacienda

July 5, 2019   VOR's New YouTube Page, Washington, D.C.  Texas, CA, AZ, IA, KY, Alaska cuts dental benefits

June 28, 2019   Olmstead, Ireland, CA, KY, TX-Lubbock SSLC 50th Anniversary, Critique of the Disability Integration Act

June 21, 2019   20th Anniversary of Olmstead, MFP, Overuse of restraint & seclusion, CA, WV, AZ, PA, OH managed care

June 14, 2019   VOR Conference Report! I/DD training for MD's meets resistance, NCD anti-guardianship for most people with I/DD, NY Times - Abuse in Bronx IRA, MO Parents want to record IEP meetings

June 7, 2019    Autism insurance after 21, PA, VA, AR, DE, CA

May 31, 2019   Labor Dept. Seeks Input on 14(c), Disability Integration Act, OH, TX, NC, MA, NJ

May 24, 2109   Autism w. I/DD neglected in studies, WA man awarded $8M in abuse settlement, NJ-Bellwether license revoked, NC closure in PeeDee, Texas' 10-year wait list, MI, MA.

May 17, 2019   Gaps in autism employment, Hearings on Transition Age Gaps, Safety Net Hospitals, OR, AR, CA, MA, MI

May 10, 2019   HEADs UP Act, Autism, Managed Care Denying Services?, TN, NM, IL, Jean Vanier passes.

May 3, 2019   Pennsylvania Legislature Hearing on Opening Doors in ICFs, Medicaid changes, OH, AK, TN, MA

April 26, 2019   CMS: States need better Background Checks, CA - Abuse unchecked, WA, AZ, TX

April 19, 2019    Medicaid distribution unfair to people w I/DD, CDC numbers on Autism rising, Safety Net Hospitals (Disproportionate Share Hospitals - DSH) in danger, LA, NM, TENN, FL, ILL.

April 12, 2019April 12, 2019     Anti-ICF in Iowa & Utah, PA group home death, Texas hining DSPs, Ohio DSP shortage, Minnesota, Tennessee, Nevada

Apr 5, 2019   Medicaid Wait Lists; US Senate Investigation Of Group Home Provider; GA asks DOJ to end oversight; NC Wait List; FL Medicaid Cuts;

Mar 29, 2019   Special Olympics Funding; The New R-Word; Jobs Bill would exclude many with I/DD, Austism; NJ - Escaped Group Home Residents; KY; CA; NY;

Mar 22, 2019   Severe Autism Overlooked; Proposed Cuts to State Medicaid Budgets in NY, VA, KY & AK; Iowa Evacuates in Flood; TN; MD

Mar 15, 2019   Fed budget proposes severe cuts to Medicaid & Disability programs; NJ; WA; ID; TN

Mar 8, 2019   Getting rid of the R-Word, Expanding ABLE, Aging with I/DD, NJ, VA, AZ, Bill Watch

Mar 1, 2019   VOR Conference Info, Capped Medicaid Risks, When Safety Net Fails, Dentists must treat people w. IDD, MI, TX, RI, NY

Feb 22, 2019   Crisis: Kids w. Autism Grow Up, Equine Therapy, AZ, MA, W. VA, WA, DE

Feb 15, 2019   Lack of ABA Therapy, CT - Southbury Training School, COFAR Legislative Agenda, DSP Crisis, ME - Impact of conversion from work centers to integrated employment

Feb 8, 2019    Work Center closures, Bills to Watch in 116th Congress, AZ updates on Hacienda, VA, OR, CA

Feb 1, 2019    VOR's Letter to 116th Congress, Remembering Mary McTernan VOR's past President, AZ followup, VA, ND

Jan 25, 2019   Disability Integration Act reintroduced, Govt. Shutdown affects services for IDD community, AZ Hacienda DSP arrested, CA, NJ

Jan 18, 2019    Nat'l Council on Severe Autism, Medicaid Block Grants, Girls on the Spectrum, Sheltered Workshops

Jan 11, 2019    UN Convention, ANCOR campaign against ICF, AZ Hacienda Facility: IDD Woman in Coma gives birth, KY ASD Student dragged, NY DSP's

Jan 4, 2019    116th Congress Sworn in, CA Sonoma Ctr. Closes, NJ Missing man w IDD found dead, WA Man w. IDD left in ER

Dec 28, 2019    Money Follows the Person, Fundraisining Appeal

Dec 21, 2018    Money Follows the Person, Shock Device Ban, AZ Coolidge Ctr., OK, CT, NY

Dec. 14, 2018   Ball v. Kasich update, Stop MFP Action Alert, NY Justice Center, CA Failing, MD, AR, WA, OR, TX

Dec. 7, 2018   George H W Bush Remembered, NY fails the mentally ill, MA - Judge Tauro passes, IA, TX, TN

Nov. 30, 2018   New Congress - new concerns, 1 in 40 births have autism, SC Mom Charged, TN Families devastated

Nov. 23, 2018   VA In-home care for people displaced from ICFs?, MI fails on Special Ed., IL, IA, MA, CT

Nov. 16, 2018   Increase ABA Therapy,. Test for Autism, 500,000 w Autism enter workforce?, DSP wages, AR Holiday Train, MA, SC, KY.

Nov. 9, 2018   Editorial: The 'R' Word & the 'I' Word, Medicaid cutting Transport Funding, NY-Non-fatal Strangulations, DSP's, Special Ed, Music Therapy

Nov. 2, 2018   Brothers with I/DD killed in Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting, Notes on Misericordia/Together for Choice Conference, NY Sex offenders in Group Homes, MA Rotenberg Ctr. and Abuse

Oct. 26, 2018   Housing for Sr's with I/DD Children, Reaching Minorities, WI Noncompliance OIG Report, IA, NJ, MD, MT lawsuit settlement

Oct. 20, 2018   Amy Lutz' DSP's are our Friends, CMS hires Mary Mayhew, TX, KY, KS

Oct.12, 2018  DSP Crisis, Aging with Down Syndrome, NJ-Kominos Law, IL, FL TN

Oct. 4, 2018   NY State Putting Sex Offenders in Group Homes, MO, AR, Special Ed

Sept. 28, 2018   CMS, I/DD & Immigration, GA's Separate & Unequal Special Ed, NJ, AR, OH

Sept. 21, 2018  Ohio Families file countersuit, Puerto Rico, NH, IA, OK, MA, Australia

Sept. 14, 2018   H.R. 6786, Forensic I/DD Population, Iowa, WA, ME, TX, SD, Military Families

September 7, 2018  Action Alert on MFP, Delaware, Maine, Kentucky, W. Virginia, Autism Blood Test

Aug 31, 2018  Report on IDD among childrenunder 5 in 195 countries 1990-2016, TX, FL, Iowa, Montana, PA

August 24, 2018  Indiana Disability Task Force, Arkansas, W. Virginia, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey

August 17, 2018 Treatment Incentives, Diplomats' families, PA Hamburg Ctr. Closed, Montana, Maryland, TX Water Park

August 10, 2018 Press contacts needed, NJ Group Home Provider, Texas, Iowa, New York 

August 3, 2018  Reminder- The Importance of Medicaid, Federal Disability Policy Office, EVV Delayed, NJ, OH, Abuse in LA 

July 28, 2018  ACL Controversy, Delaware DD Council Misconduct, Behavioral Health, Direct Support Professionals

July 20, 2018  Illinois Auditor General report on DHS Oversight, ACL's Mary Lazare's comments cause stir, OH, SC, MI, CA

July 13, 2018  Congregate Care Facilities reports: MT, TX, CA, PA, NY.  DOE sued over delay of Special Ed Rule. ME, MA, NJ

July 6, 2018  AR 4th of July, Sesame Place Autism Certified, DOE delays IDEA Equity Compliance, Ohio DSP Turnover Rate

June 29, 2018  Feds to Make Group Homes Safer, Preventing Sexual Abuse, CA Tragedy, NJ Budget, MA Shock Therapy

June 22, 2018   Autism Blood Test, PA Hamburg Ctr., MT Budget Cuts, Sheltered Workshops (MA, IN), DSP Crisis (NJ, OH)

June 15, 2018  News from VOR's 2018 Conference, CMSLTSS Expenditures, Low Medicaid Rates, NE, OH, MN

June 8, 2018 Texas (Preventable Tragedy), Autism Seizures, HI (ARC $7M Theft), NY, OH, MA, GA (Marijuana)

June 1, 2018  MO man died in 'Fight Club' buried in concrete, VA, OH, CA, OK, NJ, In Memorium Virginia Carraway

May 25, 2018  WY new buildings at WLRC, RI restores IDD funding. MD DSP rate increase, MN, DE McNesby Act, MA.

May 18, 2018   Device Predicts Autism Aggression, Electronic Visit Verification, HR 5658, Ohio-Abuser Registry, DE, MA

May 11, 2018  Crisis in Louisiana, Govt urged to improve I/DD system, Med Care for Autisitic Adults, NJ, OK, CT, DEL

May 4, 2018   CBD Research, Autism Testing, Alaska ARC overbilled $2.4 Million, DSP Crisis in Ohio, WI employment rights

April 27, 2018   Iowa's Managed Care Problems, Special Ed Funding Problems, Autism on the Rise, GA, CT, MA, TX, MO

April 20, 2018   Amy Lutz' Letter to HHS, Curbing DR Iowa, FL Abuse & Neglect, VA-Save CVTC, NJ, CA

April 13, 2018   NJ - $1.4M Settlement, Budget Problems in AZ, CA, LA, AZ, CA, CT, MA Sealed Investigation

Apr 6, 2018    HR620, OH, GA, MA, NM, Sheltered Workshops, Intentional Communities

Mar 30, 2018   HR4547,  PA (Hamburg Closing), CT, CA, RI, Dental Care 

Mar 23, 2018   Money Follows the Person, Guardianship & SDM, AK, MN, VA, TX, Dental, Barber

Mar 16, 2018   CA (Sonoma PHA), Medical Research, Dental, NJ, ME, NJ  

Mar 9, 2018   VOR-House Judiciary Hearings, HHS Strategic Plan, VA, CT (Op-Ed), MA, TX, SC, AHCA

Mar 2, 2018   Autism Coordinator, IDEA Delayed, IL, NC, ME, MN Sheltered Workshops 

Feb 23, 2018  IL, Money Follows the Person, MIlitary Behav. Therapy, ME, AR, CA, GA, KY, PA, OR

Feb 16, 2018  ADA, Fed Report on DSP's, HI, OH (Safety), CT (Safe Relationships, NY (DSP's)

Feb 9, 2018    Opinion: Lee Wachtel, VA, NJ, OH, FL, MI, NM, WA, Gerber's Down Syndrome Baby

Feb 2, 2018  Medicaid Transportation at risk, HCBS Expenditures Down, TX, ME, IN, DE, D. Vitkus

Jan 26, 2018  RAISE Act, HCBS Report, I/DD Preschool Suspensions, VA, NC, ID, NY, UT, Dental Svcs

Jan 19, 2018  Joint Statement by ACL, HHS warns of Group Home Dangers, Abuse & Neglect, Utah Class Action Lawsuit, TX, CO, OR, OK, MA, Opinion: 2014 Final Rule a Barrier To Appropriate Care

Jan 12, 2018  I/DD & Sexual Assault, Tax Law & ABLE Accounts, TX, SC, TX, ME, NJ, MA, KA, NE

Jan 5, 2018  CT - Autistic Man Abandoned to ER;  PA, NJ, Canada's Shelltered Workshops

Dec 26, 2017 CT - Autistic Man Abandoned to Emergency Room for 5 Months;  CO, NJ, WI

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