Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Seeking Parity for ICFs in the Build Back Better Reconciliation Bill

VOR and its peer organizations have been reaching out to Members of Congress to support parity for ICFs in the Build Back Better Reconciliation Bill that is being drafted and likely to be introduced shortly after Labor Day, 2021. We ask your help in reaching out to ensure that all people with I/DD receive comparable increases in funding, and that and all of the Direct Support Professionals who work with people with I/DD receive increases in pay and career-path training.

VOR 2021 Virtual Legislative Initiative

CapitolDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, VOR's Legislative Initiative was held virtually this year. There were no in-person meetings with Members of Congress or their staff on the Hill as in other years. Instead, our members arranged meetings via Zoom or held conference calls with legislative aides.

We focused on Choice and the need to support all residential and employment options, concerns about the DSP crisis, and the need to protect vocational centers and 14(c) wage certificates for people with moderate-severe I/DD and autism. Conference materials are attached below.