Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

VOR 2019 Conference & Legislative Initiative Speakers & Presentations

Videos and power point presentations from VOR's 2019 Annual Meeting and Legislative Initiative.

Melissa Stone, Director of the Developmental Disability Services Division of  the Arkansas Department of Human Services shares with us her experiences in navigating the Arkansas system and ensuring a full continuum of care to meet all of the needs of the I/DD community.
James Edmondson, M.D., PhD,  As a neurologist and the father of two children with intellectual disabillities, Dr. Edmondson has experienced the LTSS system from two very different perspectives. He has more recently worked in the Medicaid Managed Care sector, and shares his insights and warns attendees about the dangers of states moving Medicaid  Long Term Services and Supports for people with I/DD to Managed Care.
Amy  S. F. Lutz, MA, MFA, author, advocate, and mother of a son with autism, speaks of her personal jouney and her work with the EASI Foundation and the National Council for Severe Autism. Amy is the author of "Each Day I Like It Better". Her articles have appeared in Psychology Today, the Atlantic, Slate, and other publications.