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Stockley Center Opens 54-resident facility and Outpatient care

The News Journal - Wilmington, Delaware
January 4, 2009

A $30 million facility at the Stockley Center near Georgetown will be opening later this month, changing the way the state's residents with developmental disabilities are cared for.

The Mary A. Coverdale Center will provide residential care for Stockley residents who need full-time medical treatment and also will provide temporary and respite care for dozens of other people with developmental disabilities.

85 people live on the Stockley campus. Of those, 45 live in the current medical care facility. The rest live in cottages on the grounds.

Besides offering care to the severely disabled, the new center will provide an outpatient clinic for people who don't live on the grounds.

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Stockley Center to Expand Public Use
The News Journal - Wilmington, Del.
Aug 13, 2012

Now serving 60 residents, proposals that would open the Stockley Center to public use as a health center, a community garden or a new piece of infrastructure rated highly in a survey of 98 ideas for developing the 90-year-old facility.

"Many groups had come to my attention and said, can we think about utilizing Stockley in a broader way?" said Rita Landgraf, the department's secretary. She attended the meeting, along with other state officials and advocates for the disabled.

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Related: The expanded use of Stockley to serve more nonresidents and the public, along with its residents, is consistent with VOR's support for "Community Resource Centers," - public and private residential programs that offer an "outpatient" component to serve more people in a cost-effective way.