Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

VOR Comments to the Republican Caucus in the House Energy & Commerce Committee

The Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee submitted a policy statement recently and asked for the public to submit comments. VOR found several points of agreement, and several policies that we believe should be expanded to ensure that they cover the needs of the entire community of people with  I/DD, not only those who receive waiver services or participate in competitive integrated employment.
To view the E&C Republicans' policy statement, click here.
To view VOR's comments, please click here.
To view our supplementary materials, click on the links below.
The DSP Crisis:
  • ‘People Will Die Waiting’: America’s System for the Disabled is Nearing Collapse  by Dan Goldberg, POLITICO, August 10, 2022 (Available here)

Access to Long-Term Services and Supports:

  • Marjorie’s Story, Why We Choose Murray Center*  by Peggy Strong, VOR Voice, December, 2016  (Available here)
  • No Good Options – The Forced Closure of Glenwood Resource Center  by Sybil Finken, submitted for testimony August 16, 2022  (Available here)
  •   A Voice for Joshua  by Vance Goforth, VOR Voice, December, 2021  (Available here)
  •   Olmstead – Essential Passages Protecting Choice  by VOR’s Legislative Committee, revised August, 2022  (Available here)

Accommodations In the Community – Access to LTSS through Family Caregiving

  • VOR Letter Supporting Family Caregivers in Oregon by VOR’s Legislative Committee, June 1, 2022  (Available here)

Accommodations In the Community – Barriers to Employment

  •   My Daughter Laura, and the Benefits of 14(c) Programs  by Dawn Kovakovich, submitted for testimony August 15, 2022   (Available here)
  •  Matthew’s Story – An Existential Threat Against the Significantly Disabled  by Harris Capps, VOR Voice, December, 2019  (Available here)
  • Myths and Facts about Vocational Centers and 14(c)  by VOR’s Issues and Oversight Committee, revised June, 2022 (Available here)
* A Video of Marjorie’s Story and other Murray Center Success Stories are available at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdENLQViuorXAEynLtW7sU0ysYZk2Cdy0