Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Mother sees compassionate care at Glenwood

by Sybil Finken, VOR First Vice President
August 2, 2008
Des Moines Register

I am the mother of four children.

Son Zach lives near Chicago where he is the Executive News Editor of the Chicago Sun Times. Son Luke lives in Colorado where, following in his parents' footsteps, he is an educator.

My youngest, Carmen, will be a junior in high school this fall. She is an honor student, involved in many school and community activities. Carmen is well poised for a very bright future.

Son Seth’s achievements are also remarkable. We’ve nurtured Seth and continue to provide all we can to ensure his continued happiness. Seth is severely disabled. He suffered meningitis when he was 7 months old. Seth is deaf, blind, has profound mental retardation, is wheelchair bound, and has a seizure disorder. His home is Glenwood Resource Center (GRC.)

No one ever questions our decisions on behalf of Zach, Luke and Carmen. My husband Russ and I are not shy about taking some credit for the amazing people they have become. Yet, we are increasingly challenged about our care choices for Seth, especially in light of recent news stories about care at Glenwood.