Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

VOR Letter in Support of Vocational Centers and the 14(c) Wage Certificate Program

VOR opposes the elimination or phasing out of facility-based Vocational Work Centers (formerly referred to as sheltered workshops) and proposals to discontinue the issuing of specialized wage certificates as provided under Section 14(c) of the Federal Labor Standards Act. VOR has submitted a letter to key members of Congress stating the importance of maintaining these programs.
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There are currently three bills in the 117th Congress  that would phase out and ultimately eliminate these centers and the 14(c) certificates that provide opportunities for tens of thousands of Americans with Intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism. Those bills are the American Rescue Plan, H.R. 603 and S. 53.

In each of the bills above, the elimination of these opportunities is tied to raising the minimum wage. VOR has taken no position on raising the minimum wage, but stands in opposition to any language that would take away any program that offers an opportunity to people with I/DD and autism.

Our collective goal should be to increase opportunities for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism, not to eliminate opportunities for some individuals in favor of creating more opportunities for others.

VOR would like to thank the Issues/Oversight Committee for their work on this matter.

We ask our members to print and distribute these materials wherever they may help.