Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Every Member, Add A Member

For our 2017 Membership Drive, let’s double our membership!

That may sound like a big ask, but it’s actually very easy...if you’ll help. All we need is for Every Member to Add a Member.

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For this year’s membership drive, let’s all reach out to friends who have a loved one with I/DD. Let them know what a great resource VOR can be for them. Ask some of the people who you know who know your commitment to the I/DD community and to VOR – siblings, cousins, co-workers, old friends, golfing pals, bowling buddies, bridge partners, church members, bartenders, or baristas. We all have a few people we can ask...

...so ask a few. Just tell them about VOR, tell them what we do and how we are the only national nonprofit organization that supports the full range of residential and employment options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Tell them how we work to provide a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Ask them to be a part of that voice. It's not very expensive – just $40 per year – and it would mean a lot to you and your loved one with I/DD.

All the better if you get two members, or four, or eight, or more! We are stronger together and our voice is even louder.

So start today. Every Member, Get a Member.

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