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 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Oklahoma: VOR Submits Testimony in Support of Choice

October 23, 2013

VOR asks that the Oklahoma House Human Services Committee and full legislature reject and overturn the Oklahoma Commission for Human Services’ mandate to close both centers. We oppose closure at any pace; SORC’s hasty timeline for closure is especially irresponsible and will result in predictable tragedies.

VOR seeks the support of House Human Services Committee and full Legislature for continued and expanded long-term residential care and services at both NORCE and SORC for current and future residents, as well as “out-patient” services for non-residents [see, Section VII, THE SOLUTION: An Ideal Balance - Admissions and Expanded Services, page 13 (below)]. Both homes (NORCE and SORC) provide life-sustaining supports to long-served residents and have the potential to deliver specialized care to non-residents (“outpatients”) who may now be suffering for lack of access to specialists.

Quality and Choice Matter: One size does not fit all

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