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Schools Obligated To Maintain IEPs When Kids Move


Disability Scoop * September 3, 2013

Schools have a special responsibility to provide continuity when students with disabilities move from one district to another, federal education officials say.

Officials said that under IDEA a child moving to a new school is entitled to receive services that are “similar or equivalent” to what was provided in their last placement. This mandate includes not only offerings provided during the traditional school year, but also any summer programming included in the student’s individualized education program, or IEP.

In cases where students transfer schools within the same state, such services must be provided until the new school either adopts the student’s IEP or develops and implements a new one. Similarly, when children move out of state, comparable services must be offered until an evaluation is conducted, if needed, and a new IEP is put in place, the letter said.

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