Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

What is Applied Behavioral Analysis?

Applied behavioral Analysis(ABA) is a science for addressing socially significant human behavior. Licensed and/or certified behavior analysts work with individuals with autism and intellectual & developmental disabilities to observe and analyze behaviors and the events that occur before and after to improve positive behaviors and decrease negative behaviors.

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The Importance of ABA

ABA is a science that relies on the evidence base of peer-reviewed, published findings. It is important because it works- which is demonstrated by thousands of professional articles showing its effectiveness. This is especially true in supporting the needs of persons with significant impairments, including severe challenging behavior. Behavior analysts are transparent with their work, in that they collaborate with other team members to assess, select, and define behaviors targeted for change. Behaviors that are targeted for change are measured specifically, and often the adaptive alternative behaviors are specifically taught to the person to help increase their skills to change their own behavior.