Speaking out for People with
 Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

VOR Key Principles: The Rights of All People with Disabilities; Respecting Choice

For 30 years, VOR has been representing families of individuals with I/DD, many of whom experience severe and profound developmental disabilities, have multiple physical disabilities, and are medically fragile or experience dangerous behaviors. 

Underpinning each “Key Principle” (is respect for diversity of need and individual choice. Most individuals with disabilities are capable of determining job opportunities, leisure activities, and housing options, and have the right to exercise individual choice, with any necessary supports. Other individuals experience profound I/DD or other serious I/DD and medical and/or behavioral disabilities. These individuals have rights, too, and need the support of their families and legal guardians to ensure that their choices for housing, employment, and services are safe, comfortable and responsive to their needs.

In developing principles that reflect individual differences, VOR rejects a “broad brush” approach to rights and principles which apply to most individuals with disabilities, but not all. 

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